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It's Retrograde Season

Retrogrades aren't a time to be still, not a time of fear!

Look, astrology is fun! But a lot of astrologers instill fear when we should be using astrology as a tool. It can give us a lot of insight and help us to have a sort of checks and balances in our lives.

I love retrograde season. As a person who is always moving around, it's nice to have a time to pause and reflect. It's nice that the Universe gives us the opportunity to slow down and pay attention to what it in front of us.

Use this time to gain better insight on things that may need your attention. Take a pause to regroup and get your thoughts together. Be clear on your plans and ideas. Make plans to remove what doesn't work for you. Or just sit still and enjoy the pause.

It's also a time that things may be revealed and you may uncover certain truths. It's a time of patience and a time of really being introspective.

How will you spend this time during retrograde season?


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