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Jalona Falkner Pivoted from Bridal to PPE due to COVID-19

Sometimes in business you have to pivot and Jalona Falkner the owner of Jalona Marie Bridal and The China Connect knows that first hand. Jalona is the founder of The China Connect, a business that conducted tours of China markets and manufacturers designed to help businesses develop those relationships, cut out the middleman, and increase profits. She watched as the the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restricted travel (especially to China) caused her to cancel her February tour and find other ways to utilize her connections.

She was able to use her expertise in imports to help others who are impacted by the slow down of business in China understand what is going on there and is now selling medical protective gear, which is in short supply. Women for the Culture Guest Correspondent Chandra Gore spoke to Jalona about how she was ale to pivot her businesses and open Health Gear Now.

Watch the interview in full below:

Learn more about the Memphis-based entrepreneur and product import expert's new business via her website at


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