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Kendra Hall is Droppin' Jewelz

Kendra Hall is an Author and a Survivor. She is an Award-Winning Advocate. The list continues... Speaker, CEO of Dropping Jewelz, LLC, Host of Survivor Jewelz, and Newsbreak Creator.

Kendra’s parents abandoned her when she was pregnant at the age of 13.

She became a mother at the age of 14. She since has used her trials to inspire and encourage others. Her book "Droppin’ Jewelz – Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life," is a tool to help girls navigate through challenges successfully. Kendra uses her experiences to educate girls and women by showing them that they can, and it is possible to live a successful life no matter what. Outside of her book, one of the tools that she uses is a vision board. It is super imperative to see your goals. When you are able to see them in front of you, it helps you to be able to attain them. Using visualization helps in building resilience and effectiveness in your subconscious mind. Surround yourself with things that feed your spirit and help you, rather than those that hinder you and your progress.

Kendra advises teen mothers to take care of themselves first; to be focused on their route in life, as opposed to the relationships around them which can distract them from what they need to do to take care of themselves and their children. She advises them to stay away from passionate situations that do not serve them, and to surround themselves with things that are going to allow them to grow. For the parents of teenagers that become young parents, she encourages them to support them and love them; and know that life is not always black and white, there are always things in the middle. She says, "Protect your child the best that you can. Care, support, and give them privacy to make choices. Do not be overbearing and allow them to take responsibility for their actions and choices. No belittling, berating, or making them feel like they will not be the best parent."

At the age of 16 Kendra was in a domestic-violence shelter, and this was her first experience of being in counseling. While in the shelter, counseling was mandatory; however, after the mandate, she continued counseling off and on. Counseling was and is an outlet for her. She likes the one-on-one feeling to have someone to trust. She consistently stuck with counseling after her third child to refocus her life and make better choices. It allowed her to take different pivotal moments that she needed to work through what she went through as a teenager. Through counseling, she no longer allowed the baggage to take hold of her life and tell her what to do; it no longer had control over her life and her choices. She needed to get it out to make room for the greater things. She feels it is great to seek counsel, but to never forget that God is the great counselor! When you do find a counselor, do not put them on a pedestal. Be able to discern what is going to work for you and what is alignment with your core principles.

Survivors Jewelz is to showcase the stories of what people have went through and overcome. This allows you to pull off the veil and see the person as who they are. It gives you an opportunity to flex your empathy for them and their situations and see how they have persevered, to see what a true survivor truly is. You see the polished result after they have been through the fire. see a person beyond the veil. This is live on her Instagram page @justusjewelz.

She leaves us with some inspiring words:

All things lead to your success, wealth, and happiness; no matter what. Stay focused on being positive. When you let power words seep into your subconscious mind, you will be able to have a better outlook on your life. Affirmations are key. Surround yourself with power words; things that resonate with your spirit, that are going to uplift you. Stay away from distractions. Stay focused, and build your subconscious with positivity, as opposed to things that will break you down and have you depend on them or it."

You can find more on Kendra Hall, her book and her show by following her on Instagram at @JustUsJewelz, on Facebook at Kendra Droppin Jewelz Hall or by checking out her website


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