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Kris Kross Fitness : The New Face of Fitness

In 2019 the rules are changing in every industry. Fashion has evolved to embrace women in suits. Music has evolved to include non-genre specific artist. Hair & Beauty now include more women who's hair are thick and filled with curls. So it shouldn't be surprise that the rules associated with the Health & Fitness industry are also changing to represent the everyday woman.

Let's face it, when a woman who is considered plus size decides to join a gym or hire a personal trainer there is a bit of insecurity and anxiety associated with the decision. Especially, when the trainer looks like they stepped right out of a Sports Illustrated magazine or never had a bloated day in their lives. The misconception that weight equals health has also begin to evaporate. More and more individuals are looking for a health regimen that not only betters their physical but also addresses their mental and spiritual state. Born the second of four kids and the only female, Kris Koonce, the CEO of Kris Kross Fitness; knows all to well what it's like to go through life struggling with weight loss and mental anguish. This former high school basketball star and Navy veteran spent majority of her life in the gym. That is until life hit her and the truth about gravity and ones metabolism reveled itself. For the first time in her life, Kris didn't recognize herself and she realized that she wasn't alone in this discovery.

In 2017, Kris Kross Fitness was created with one goal in mind: #FeedDaBeast ... a slogan that Kris has become well known for. As her spiritual journey began to evolve so did her vision for Kris Kross Fitness. Kris wanted to create an environment and program that healed all aspects of her client's needs. "Fitness is 100% mental, where the mind goes the body will follow", says Kris. Her clients gravitate to her program because of her very personal approach. She shares her journey and struggle openly making her not only relatable but trust worthy. "It's easier to believe that you can succeed in the program when you see where Kris has come from and where she is today", Robert (Kris Kross Fitness Client).

In addition to a personalized workout, Kris embeds mediation, lessons on energy / vibrations and the power of positive affirmations in her session. Her belief is that you can fix someone's physical appearance but if they are broken on the inside none of that will matter. They will still feel unattractive in the end.

To Kris, it's important that her clients embrace their beauty before the weight loss. Loving yourself is key to meeting and sustaining your goals. Her mission is simple : Channel The Mind Nourish The Soul Feed The Beast But Above All Else ... Be Who The F*ck You Are Join the #FeedDaBeast Community on IG : @KrisKrossFitness


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