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LOLA 2: Only The Strong Survive

With many eminent black female boxers on the professional level, it is bizarre that we have yet been exposed to a movie or series that highlight or chronicle their lives inside and outside of the ring. Lola 2, the second installation of the first female boxing movie franchise written and directed by Antoine Allen, follows the life of Lola Williams the reigning champ in the armature female boxing sector. In the first installment, we are introduced to who Lola is, why she makes the decisions she makes, why she rightfully has her guard up, and why/how boxing was inserted into her life. As we follow her into the next installment, Lola has found love outside of the boxing ring. Previously, Lola never believed love was feasible and thus left her in a dilemma on what matters most to her... family or boxing. Before the release of Lola 2, W4TC had the honor of speaking with the main character Taja V. Simpson and Producer Monica Floyd. We were also able to learn why Antoine Allen was passionate about creating a franchise that he believed in; although he received pushback from many, because his leading lady is a darkskinned woman.


Lola 2: Only The Strong Survive was released April 6 on the ALLBLK network and stars four time best actress winner Taja V. Simpson. Many may be familiar with the actress from her role Priscilla on Tyler Perry's "The Oval." Starring alongside Simpson is 13 time world boxing champ and two time Olympic champion, Claressa "The GWOAT" Shields, making her acting debut. In this well-written movie about a woman who has dealt with debilitating trauma and has to learn to function in society again, Lola (played by Simpson) decides to put all her energy and love into what has helped her survive and feel worthy... boxing. Lola has become a role model for other young ladies who have experienced trauma and gives them hope and reassurance that they are not at fault and shouldn't have to carry that burden around. Lola quickly learns that she is forced to deal with a challenge that most moms deal with; which is mom guilt. Mom guilt consists of the daily pressures of deciding what matters more to you, career or family. Lola 2 poses the question, "why we can't have both?" It also questioned why women can't pursue their dreams and still have an enough love for their families.


During the Lola 2 press junket, Taja Simpson discussed what we could expect from her character and how she has evolved since the first installment. Lola 2 Producer, Monica Floyd, spoke on why she's so passionate about creating movies that represent black women. Check out the interviews from the press junket below. Lola 2 is now streaming on the ALLBLK network, so make sure you support!


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