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Meet Taylor Faye “Tay Faye:" Media Influencer and YouTube Personality

Most recently seen on MTV’s “How Far is Tattoo Far?,” Taylor Faye turned her industry experience into a platform to advocate for women's empowerment and body positivity.

Taylor Faye has inspired young women of today with her transparency and commitment to her personality, on-and-off camera.

Tay Faye first introduced her bold personality to the world at the young age of three; when she began her career as a child actress.

While attending Louisiana State University, Tay Faye decided to bring her talents to YouTube; ultimately sharing her personality with a larger audience.

Since the launch of her YouTube channel, Taylor has kept her audience, or “love bugs” as she calls them, on their toes! From motivational content encouraging women to cultivate self-worth to prank videos, she has been sure to maintain an engaging platform, and now brand; that’s reflective of what she represents: inspiration, and overall fun.

For more on Tay Faye and a look into how she uses her role to as a positive influence to younger women, visit


- Written by: Shania Simone @niasimonewrites.


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