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"Mom Motivator," Demi Austin-Thomas' Eight Tips for Parenting in Today's Culture

Chaos is at an all-time high. Keeping the drama out of our homes, and letting the communication in; especially as working moms, may be difficult. Demi Austin-Thomas, a Mom Motivator, Old-School Parent Coach & Family Dynamics Expert, attributes the disconnect to social media and reality television, saying "we are living in a very different climate, culture and time." Her services "help millennials, parents and families understand the importance of their relationship." She says, "It is also necessary for me to provide tools to correct behavioral issues and family conflict to help parents better understand what's happening with their children in order to build stronger and healthier family relationships for a better life."

Parenting can be challenging; Demi helps families and parents navigate their way through those challenges.

As working women and entrepreneurs, this is our time to do it all and claim it all... a strong home foundation included. It is possible to create a healthy, but respectful dynamic with your kids, especially in today's culture. Here are eight of Demi's tips on how to do just that!


Be Intentional and Prioritize your Presence in your kids lives.


Don't Ignore the Silence!

We often use the cliche silence is golden, but in some cases silence can be a sign of something deeper going on with your kid.


Be Honest with your teenagers - don't be afraid to tackle hard conversations, give yourself permission to share your experiences, and not all of the details.

Allow yourself to vulnerable and not judgmental.


Provide unconditional love.

Tell Your Kids that you Love them Everyday.

They need to hear it and feel it!


Praise their strengths and Be Cautious of what you say and speak affirmations over your kids. We should be constantly building our kids up and not tearing them down.


Don't feel the overwhelming need to be your kids friend, if you focus on parenting, you will experience and appreciate the evolution of your Relationship later.


Identify your kids Love Languages, this is so very important because it gives you a great guide to know how to engage and communicate with your kid.


Don't create comparisons.

No two children are the same; this brings additional stress for your kids and breaks their confidence and self esteem of your child. Accept your kid, and love them no matter.

For more information on Demi, visit or follow her social media channels: IG: @demiaustinthomas Facebook: @demiaustinthomas Twitter: @IAmCoachDemi


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