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Nzinga Imani: The Sista we all Need.

Where is my day-one "Sistas'" fan at? If you're truly a fan, you had to be one of the millions that literally requested Tyler Perry give us a spin-off following the relationship of two of his key characters Zac and Fatima. On the heels of the premiere of season two, W4TC had the honor of speaking with Nzinga Imani who plays the sexy, fashionable, fun, upbeat, and straightforward best friend Angela. Although there may be some mixed feelings about Angela in the Twitterverse, we at W4TC love the realness and level of concern she has for her bestie Fatima. There isn't any evading or sugar coating with Angela; just a real friend being real.

During the Instagram live interview, we were able to learn much more about who Nzinga Imani is outside of her character Angela. We learned that Nzinga comes from a background where she could wear many coats; from being the talent, writing us a script, slaying her hair and makeup if needed, busting out an entire disney-inspired melody, or reading off lines with no issue. Now, that's a black woman getting it done by any means necessary. Nzinga went into details about why she’s passionate about creating a clothing line for curvy-and-plus size woman to show that there are options for curvy women other than paisley. She also went into detail about the “Fatphobia” the industry still shows and how she navigates through that. Nzinga details how music was her first passion and how she thought she would be the next Beyoncé, but acting slowly started taking over as the career she wanted to pursue. We also learn how Nzinga originally went for the part of Danni on "Sistas," but bombed the audition. She didn't let that discourage her; because Nzinga has not only been casted in one of Tyler Perry's hit shows, but had roles in three of his BET+ hit shows. Nzinga also gave us the scoop on what to expect from Angela this season and what other projects she has coming this year.

Check out the full Instagram live interview on the @WomenForTheCulture Instagram page. Season two of Zatima is now streaming on Bet+, with new episodes airing every Thursday.


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