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'PATTERN' to the people. Tracee Ellis Ross Launches Hair Care line.

The mother of natural hair Tracee Ellis Ross just announced her new hair care line 'Pattern' on Instagram. The Award-winning Blackish star posted on Tuesday that after 10 years in the making, she will be entering the beauty world with her very own line of hair care products after struggling to find the right products for her own curl pattern and hair texture.

Geared towards women who need more than a dime size amount for their curly, coiled and tight textured hair, 'Patternbeauty' includes a shampoo, 3 conditioners, a leave-in conditioner, two hair serums, a rubber shower brush, hair clip, and microfiber towels. [she had me at 3 conditioners]

According to PatternBeauty's Instagram, Ross first pitched her idea back in 2008 after the final season of the hit series 'Girlfriends,' stating that this had been a dream of hers for 20 years.

"I learned to embrace my natural texture and curl pattern and love and care for it. But it was a journey not supported by commercials, entertainment and rows of products in every store."

"Im excited for PATTERN to join the natural hair movement, and to celebrate our hair for what

it is: beautiful." she wrote.

On 'Patternbeauty's instagram, Ross' posts several stories of her actually testing her products out in the shower in front of a room full of beauty editors, describing how she detangles, routinely washes her hair and how useful the hair clip and microfiber towels are in the process.

Ross' lists; Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil and Acacia Decurrens Flower as the key

ingredients used to protect against hair breakage and dryness in her products.

'Pattern' won't break the bank either, it's affordable, with prices ranging between $9 to about $40 and a percentage of the proceeds will go to several nonprofit organizations.

Pattern beauty is set to launch September 9 at at 9 am ET and will also be available in several Ulta stores just a couple weeks after it's online launch.


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