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#CultureTags Live! Welcome to the Cookout - YSHBH

It all started with IDGAFWABGTSAM. Eunique Jones Gibson created a card game that is sure to be a hit. This DC born creator wanted to bring the brilliance of our culture via game form that she rightly named #CultureTags with an inaugural live show that really should be on TV. Networks take notice this is a hit. Team Leaders were black excellence personified - Gia Peppers, Jay Cole, Jeff Johnson, Angel Anderson, Panama Jackson and Tony Lewis.


Gia Peppers’s team won and with co-host Hail Zel providing commentary and keeping folks entertained made the event fun. #CultureTags Live was an absolute good time with family you never knew you had. This was the ultimate kickback with family.

You can secure your copy of the game by clicking this link until 2/29 at 11:59 pm


Had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Gia Peppers - On Air Talent & Entertainment Journalist - You can catch her on VH1, BET Digital's #BlackCoffee and Black Girl Podcast

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