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Spiritual Morning Rituals

Have you had a day that just started off on the wrong foot? From the moment you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock it just seems like your morning is not going to run smoothly. After hitting the snooze a few times, you get up and realize that you are behind schedule. Once this happens, it seems like your whole day is just off! Waking up late, then throws off the rest of your morning and you may end up running late to work or school. I know that when this happens to me, I am not on my A game, I find myself rushing and it causes great anxiety and excitement. Not the good kind!

Have you ever had a morning that seemed like it was picture perfect? You woke up without hitting snooze five times. You had enough time to eat breakfast, dress, and leave the house to make it to school or work with enough time to spare. I have definitely had mornings like this and I can say that when my day began like this, I was much more calm, less anxiety, and I was not rushing. There is a staunch difference between the two morning scenarios mentioned above. The 1st scenario is missing a routine or structure. The 2nd scenario appears to have structure and a routine in place.

Over the past year I have developed a morning routine, a set of rituals that I complete during my morning. This was mainly due to the fact that my anxiety was always high and on edge most of the time. When I talk about the morning ritual, I am not referring to the everyday tasks that must be completed like taking a shower, or putting on makeup. I am talking about a series of activities that I complete that will allow me to begin my day peacefully. This allows me some much needed quality time with myself, and also affords me the opportunity to ease into my day before I am hit with all of the curveballs, and surprises that the day will send my way.

My morning routine looks like this. I wake up early, meditate for a few minutes, then I will pray and read some sort of inspirational content. This whole process of my morning routine takes about 10 -15 minutes. When I make it a point to do my morning routine, or as I like to call it, my spiritual morning rituals, I feel better. I feel calm. My anxiety is lowered, and once I complete my morning ritual, I feel like I can conquer anything that the day throws my way.

You can make your morning ritual anything that you would like. The most important thing about having a spiritual morning ritual is that you choose activities that will bring you peace and a sense of calm. What activities can you incorporate into your morning to allow you a peaceful day? Take some time and think about it. Think about the things that will make your day more pleasurable. Trust me, organizing your morning ritual is an act of self-care that you will always appreciate.

By: Andrienne Kennedy

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