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Tea with Tee- Love's Playbook


There is no rule book when it comes to Love. Does Love have a distinct definition? It does. Somehow society has us thinking that there are these unspoken and spoken rules for what a healthy relationship looks like. That's slightly true. We have to have some kind of measure so we don't get ourselves tangled into a weave of dysfunction.

Too often we look to others to define what our relationship should be. That's where we go wrong. The constructs of your relationship should be defined by you and the other person in it. That's it. No one else's ideas or opinions actually matter. So even if there were a playbook pertaining to Love, you would still need to go by what actually works for you and yours.

It's actually pretty empowering once you think about it.

Love on your own terms. Seems like everyone would be happy then.

Imagine that.


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