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"The Breakup" confirms R&B, in fact, isn't Dead!

Break up season is in the air, and ladies that means it's time for us to be "outside!!!" However, what is break up season without a soundtrack with perfectly written lyrics to express emotions of heartbreak, pettiness, shade, "I want you back" and "you'll never find another like me?" Affectionally known as "Zo" or "Nique," the former OMG girl Zonnique Pullins (daughter to singer/songwriter Tameka "Tiny" Harris and the "King of the South," TIP Harris) recently celebrated the debut of her second EP "The Breakup" at the Trap Museum in Atlanta, just days after turning 27 years old. Hosted by Pretty Hustle Music Group, the listening party for the EP introduced five tracks that will certainly have you feeling like your ex "fumbled the biggest bag."


  1. Game Over

  2. One More Time Ft Bandhunta Izzy 

  3. Interlude

  4. All Grown up

  5. Crash and Burn 

The album was released two days later (March 24) on the anniversary of her first project.


With only five tracks, the Ep still gives the vibes and flow of a full album. On her grown woman "ish," the mother of one is on her game lyrically with composer credits on each track. For those of us who crave the feeling of 90s R&B relationship classics, "The Breakup" delivers on that nostalgic feeling 100 percent. Although there have been rumors that Zonnique and her boyfriend/father of her daughter (rapper Bandhunta Izzy) have called it quits, the rapper is featured on the debut single "One More Time." During Zonnique's listening party, she thanked Izzy for the inspiration behind the album and also thanked him for always supporting her... seems like heartbreak always helps keep the artistic juices flowing, because Zonnique's raw emotion can be felt on each track.

The way the EP flows, Zonnique could definitely turn this project into mini visual that takes us through some of the stages we experience during a breakup, with each title track representing a stage. When it comes to music, we all love relatability and "The Breakup" gives us that. It allows us to reminisce about the good times and talk our shit, because there will never be another like us. It can have us in our feelings wondering what went wrong and also straightens us up to remind us that we will eventually be ok. After a seven-year hiatus, Zonnique came back to remind us that this music thing is in her and that she does this. This EP will definitely take Zonnique to the next level in her music career. "The BREAKUP" is streaming on all platforms now! Go check it out and let us know your favorite song.


(Images courtesy of Pretty Hustle.)


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