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The grave importance of getting started.

The grave importance of getting started.


Moving forward, we all need to realize the truth.

Nothing will ever be perfect and all forms of success originated from some level of uncertainty and unpreparedness.


Be confident and sure of what it is you want at the moment, in regards to the goal you are trying to fulfill.

This confidence shows itself in the form of doing with what you have in order to yield what it is you want.

Without putting in the initial ground work, you will never know the growth you can discover as well as the results that could follow.


Be mindful though that taking this course of action is very different from spontaneous decision making.

What I mean is to trust your plan thus far enough to make decisions that will push you toward improvements and possible successes.


With that, another this i want to stress is not being afraid to share!

Whether it be ideas, visions, opinions, and so forth.

Doing so would be a restrictive limitation to the creative cycle.

Even if you are not sharing your ideas with others, share them with paper.

Anything that allows for the brainstorming process to continue itself organically.




Daily Affirmation: Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts. - Nikki Giovanni


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