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This Educational Entrepreneur Created Her Own Lane

Have you heard of the term, "Educational Entrepreneur?" If there was a degree program to teach one how to become an educational entrepreneur, the course load wouldn't compare to the résumé Jasmine Byrd has built to date. Celebrating National Entrepreneur's Day is an opportunity to honor those like Jasmine, who not only impact society, but also create their own lane.

Jasmine Byrd is the owner and creator of Party Time STEAMing Engineers©️ a curriculum and program designed to teach Science, Technology, Engineers, Arts, and Math. The curriculum and program is designed for children ages two-to-10 years old.

Party Time’s STEAMing Engineers Makerspace is Jasmine's latest venture. She says, "it provides a creative outlet for children to explore education." The Makerspace incorporates the Core Curriculum Subjects such as Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Jasmine understands the importance of STEM/STEAM in early childhood development. The new generation of leaders are forward thinkers, creators and innovators. According to Jasmine, her hands-on, non-traditional approach to teaching "fosters individuality and personal expression."

She adds, "The Makerspace allows students to build on the knowledge that they have, while gaining and processing new information. The kids are learning, but it’s not restricted to a desk, chair, and teacher insisting on which way is the right way. The Makerspace does not have a typical "A" function, as life is not "A Typical." There is no wrong or right way to reach the answer or produce a product. The Makerspace fosters individuality and personal expression."

Aside from the Makerspace, Jasmine has a copyright for a STEAM Curriculum and is also an Educational Researcher. Jasmine has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, and a background in Human Development. She holds a STEAM Certification and has worked in the classroom for about 10 years.

For more information on Jasmine's Party Time STEAMing Engineers Makerspace, visit


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