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Two Deliciously, Healthy Tequila Drinks for National Tequila Day

It's National Tequila Day, but it may not be cheat day! Here are two recipes to help you indulge a little, without breaking your diet:

"Cucumber Lemonade"

2 oz Patrón Silver

5 oz Cucumber Juice

2 oz Lemon Juice

1 1/2 oz Mint-Lime Simple Syrup

Garnish with a cucumber slice, and a lemon slice

This Tequila-Cucumber cocktail is not only refreshing for a hot summer day: it is a low-calorie, hydrating, and all-natural cocktail. This cocktail has unique, yet simple ingredients and a simple name to match, The "Cucumber Lemonade." Patron Silver, mixed with freshly squeezed cucumbers, and homemade lemonade made with mint-lime infused simple syrup. This cocktail can be made in advance as a punch, and enjoyed at anytime of the day. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere.


The simple syrup is the balance, because the cucumber juice is bland, and the citrus is sour. Once you add sweetness, it all blends well and tastes good. It's unique because of the mixture of fruits and veggies being mixed with a spirit to create a good cocktail.

"Mexican Moon"

2 oz Patron Reposado

1/2 oz Cointreau

5 oz Carrot Juice

4 oz Orange Juice

Garnish with a carrot ring

This bright orange cocktail is filled with lots of flavors as in carrot juice, and orange juice. Besides the delicious taste, this drink has so many naturally health benefits like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These two flavors, mixed with Patron Reposado, give this cocktail a smooth fruity taste. "The Mexican Moon" can be enjoyed mid-day during a cool afternoon.


This drink is unique, because of its natural sweetness. No sugar was added. No sweeteners were added.

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