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W4TC Interview with Tamika Scott

Women for the Culture Guest Correspondent, Chandra Gore catches up with Legendary Singer-Songwriter and 1/3 Member of XSCAPE, TAMIKA SCOTT. The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter has released the powerful, emotion invoking visuals for her new single, “Go Outside In The Rain” from her debut EP, “Family Affair”. Also to discuss her upcoming reality show she is currently filming. Due to the pandemic filming has been paused but she is gearing up for her upcoming cook book release. If you have followed her on Instagram (You should) she is always in the kitchen whipping up some amazing dishes. So it is only right that a cookbook is on the list of things to do.

“Go Outside In The Rain” is a remake of the 1990’s original by Milira. The multi-award-winning singer/songwriter told us she and her group members would sing this song at talent shows growing up and win. We spoke about her starting a record label and her lovely daughter,Young Niyah, Princess of the South. Young Niyah creates music that the entire family can listen to. Follow her for updates and listen to her new song here.

Tamika also touches on finding her soulmate and how he ensures she practices self-care. This is the epitome of "Relationship Goals". As Tamika wears so many hats, she has a man who supports her and ensures that she is always well rested and cared for.

Check out the full interview here:

“I find my inspiration for songwriting from life experience. When you put that pain and those events into your experience there’s really something amazing there and you create something other people can relate to because it’s so human.” - Tamika Scott

The single and EP are both available on all streaming and download platforms now.




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