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Welcome back the days of Audio Production: The Wiz on Clubhouse

Two Black Women, Talia Moore, and Serita Carton brought the 1970s musical “The Wiz“ to Clubhouse. With theaters being shut down, these Ohio sisters brought the culture to the audio app.  #TheWizCH Four shows, over the course of two nights; it was nothing, but pure talent. “The Wiz” movie and stage play were merged together to fit a mostly audio format.  Auditions happened earlier this year. There were over 5,000 listeners during the 140-person auditions. Friday night had over three-thousand listeners between the 4 pm & 7pm show. The cast was separated by ‘Team A,’ and ‘Team B.’ ‘Team A‘ performed on Friday night, and ‘Team B’ performed on Saturday.  The show was very interactive. They used PTR (Pull to Refresh) to change the screen to accommodate a partially-visual look. Very creative, and inclusive.  The anticipation for “The Wiz” was so worth it.

For Women’s History Month (March), a majority women's production is what Clubhouse needed. Not only was the production spearheaded by two women, but a show centered around a woman finding her way home in shinny shoes is what the culture needed.  “I know what it feels like to be a woman striving to find your own voice. I want young women to know they have a voice and should be heard! To all of my fans and family, I hope if you [have the Clubhouse App] will join us in March for this historic, audio production of #TheWizCH. It's going to be incredible." - YahZarah Oduro “Friday Night Dorthy” was played by, singer/songwriter, YahZarah. She started the audio payoff with strong vocal-and-acting skills. You may remember her as Eryhas Badu’s backup singer. Saturday night, Alana Houston, as Dorthy, blew the audience away with her beautiful voice. Alana ended the show singing Home. In an aftershow clubhouse, audience members referred to her as Jennifer Hudson. 

Catch some of the conversations about #TheWizCH on Instagram. 


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