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What does it take to be a success story?

In order to be successful, you must plan, schedule, prepare, and discipline yourself in ways that will test your patience. It sounds like torture, but you know what's worst? Feeling stuck for years, a slave to your comfort zone with no freedom to do things that only a planned life can afford you. Get disciplined!

I must admit that I have asked myself that important question many times in the place of prayer, self-assessment, and missed opportunities. You certainly don't have to feel guilty or judged by me because you are me too!

The next step after you've answered that question truthfully is to ALIGN yourself.

Align your awareness with correction.

Align your goals with focus and discipline.

Align your life with purpose.

Find out what successful people do, especially those of inspiration is your field of work. PRAY, PLAN, and PREPARE for the greatness that awaits you.

Be Ready


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