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What's Next For Black, Female Entrepreneurs?

Coleen Otero is a branding expert, author, and founder of CEO Chicks. No need for a crafty intro; her words speak for themselves. So, let's get straight to it!

Q: How will branding change post-COVID-19?

A: We know that people want to connect with brands that align with their purpose and values. That is a given, but what we’re seeing right now is a shift where consumers are becoming even more aware and are pushing for more authenticity and transparency from the brands and media they consume. Now more than ever, your audience will want to know that they can trust you and what you have to offer.

Q: What advice would you give Black women entrepreneurs during this time?

A: Research, research, research. These challenging times have brought forth many resources to help small businesses thrive. I suggest that Black women entrepreneurs, especially check out the available resources and determine what makes the most sense for their businesses. There are several grant and loan programs out there as well as general information available online. For instance, we have a free Quarantine Guide available for anyone who joins our mailing list at

Q. How can current entrepreneurs inspire or support their sisters to become or on their path to being a "CEO Chick?"

A: The greatest thing we as women entrepreneurs can do is stick together and empower our fellow sisters in business. The CEO Chick network is all about collaboration and creativity. We combine our expertise and resources to help other women win and dominate in their respective industries.

Q. Do you think that we will see a rise in Black entrepreneurship?

A: Yes, there will most certainly be a rise in Black entrepreneurship following the pandemic, as many have already started new businesses or went into overdrive with existing businesses. Black women-owned businesses make up the second-largest group of women-owned businesses according to the 2019 Amex Small Business Report, and I expect to see even more Black-owned businesses formed.

Q. Please detail classes and giveaways you have coming up and how to book.

A: We have some exciting plans in store this month. Our masterclasses are typically only available to members, however, for July, the classes are open to nonmembers at a very affordable rate. We are also hosting weekly giveaways for Black women-owned businesses valued at $5,000 each. More specifically we have:

· Master Class Mondays: From July 6-August 3, CEO Chicks will host weekly masterclasses at 12 pm ET on topics such as securing business funding during a pandemic, using tech in Black businesses for scalability, spiritual growth, and more.

· Wednesday Giveaways: Each Wednesday in July, one lucky Black woman business owner will win a prize package inclusive of cash, products, services with an approximate value of $5,000. Winners will be announced via Instagram Live with special guests such as Monique Rodriguez (Mielle Organics), Melissa Mitchell (Abielle Creations), and Sade Akinoso (The Kemist Botique.)

· Women business owners interested in registering for the masterclasses and/or entering the weekly giveaway can visit:


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