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“Where Style Meets Ambition”: New Entrepreneur Micah Gholston Creates Trendy Brand iKouture Fashions

When you talk about a woman who’s tests in life have turned into a true testimony, you have to mention, entrepreneur, Micah Gholston.

After graduating from historically black university, Grambling State University in 2013, where she studied social work, she worked in the medical field, child and family services, but fashion is what currently completes her heart.

The Ecorse, Michigan native had an unfortunate year of loss in 2018 after losing her mother and shortly after, losing her daughter.

The amazing thing about Gholston is, though the hurt she felt was unexplainable and the losses she experienced were life-changing, she grabbed strength from deep within to create the brand iKouture Fashions in memory of both her mother, Lameco Michelle and daughter, Dallas Michelle.

“All of the strength that you ever will need lies within you and its God-given,” Gholston said.

In 2019, the fashion trailblazer created, iKouture Fashions, an online fashionable and affordable women's clothing boutique where style meets ambition, based in Houston, Texas.

Soon after the official launch, her grandmother, Mattie Gaston congratulated her on all of her hard work thus far.

“Congrats, you can do anything you put your mind to, can’t is not apart of your vocabulary,” she said.

Gholston left everything beyond her control in God’s hands. She advices everyone to trust the process and find the beauty in their individual journeys, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.

On the fashion site you can find attire for any occasion! The styles offered are versatile with clothing including jumpsuits and cover-ups, bomb eye wear and shoes. Another thing most women adore about the boutique is the curvy kouture selections. You can’t go wrong with a fit that hugs you in all the right places!

Over at iKouture Fashions, the mission is to provide a platform for women to express themselves freely through fashion. They pride themselves on offering affordable, on-trend styles catering to both young and middle-aged women.

They adhere to the concept of "when you look good, you feel good." Their goal is to provide their customers with stylish clothing that will reflect the confidence that they feel internally.

When visiting an event where iKouture Fashions is present, Gholston even sets time aside to help the ladies try on their clothes, give fashion tips, and teaches them how to camouflage specific problem areas in order to feel better in their clothes.

“We believe in delivering excellent customer service and we are dedicated to satisfying our customers.”

iKouture Fashions has been a special vendor at many events including ‘Sip & Socialize’ hosted by Donecia Wright and Breonica Hunt in Ruston, Louisiana.

IKF truly enjoys providing exceptional fashion at the same time as networking! They got to join in on that fun once again at The Vendor Expo this summer in Houston, Texas hosted by The Branding Firm, where there were several small business owners, artists and new and vet entrepreneurs were showcased.

Now this is the best part! They also know how to have a great sale! Who doesn’t love to bargain shop? I know, I do! In fact, you just missed a great one on July 4th, but no worries there will be more to come. Check down below for a few of the many great styles offered and visit the site for exclusive NEW arrivals!

Visit to shop fashionable & affordable women’s clothing!

The logo and graphics for the iKouture Fashions brand was designed by #PhDeeGraphics (


“I just want to continue to work hard to keep my mother’s legacy alive!” – Micah Gholston -


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