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Why Karma Is Coming For You

North Node/ South Node shift

NN in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn

Our karma and our undoing should get a bit of structure. This next year sees us live the consequences of our free will.

Consequences are both positive and negative.

#Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the #Moon that encourages us to tend to home and straighten and align our lives to Universal rhythms.

#Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by #Saturn that demands you take responsibility for your choices & live with some sense of self- control.

#Cardinal signs signal new beginnings. #Earth and #Water. That's either you cultivating the life you desire by tending properly to your garden for things to grow or your falling into Peppa Pig's muddy puddles and making a big ass mess of the next year.

The choice is yours.

Where does the #NorthNode and #SouthNode fall in your natal chart? This is where your karmic lessons or unraveling can occur over the next year of you don't find balance.


NN #Virgo/ South Node #Pisces

NN transits H11 in #Leo with Saturn

Natal Charts and such


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