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“Winterize Your Hair” with 803 Natural Scalp Scrub

Haircare is Therapeutic. Owner of Therapeutique Salon and Spa, Lacy Fields, is most known in the hair industry as “Ms. Healthy Hair.” The frigid temperatures of winter, combined with friction placed on the hair from articles (such as wool clothing or scarves) heavily used in the winter months raise concern for Ms. Healthy Hair and those who are unable to make frequent haircare appointments due to Covid-19.

Today, Fields announced her collaboration with Black-Owned Business, 803 Natural, as the perfect match to her theory of “scalp care, first!” This announcement further celebrated in a virtual, sampling showcase and information session.

803 Natural owner, Coretta Johnson, created a product that provided a therapeutic scent with a very calm and relaxing effect. It matched the Therapeutique and Ms. Healthy Hair brands perfectly! As a Master Stylist, and Healthy-Hair Expert, Fields’ customers’ experience is her priority. Both creators combined their efforts, towards a healing treatment: Lacy the professional hair knowledge and technique, professional needs for the product, consistency, application, do's and don'ts, and consumer needs; and Johnson, the artisan, creating the blend and understanding the gap in the haircare routine.

Johnson says, “Scalp care is essential to the overall health of your hair. Formulated with a blend of sea salts that aid in the removal of dry flakes and product build-up, our essential oil blend helps to soothe the scalp and restore moisture.”

The two, main properties of the 803 Natural Scalp Scrub heal the scalp, while treating the scalp. The therapeutic aroma of the organic, refreshing essential oils paired with a soft, but purposeful sea salt scrub relaxes you and removes all unwanted stress throughout your body and on your scalp.

Perfect for all types of hair; it can be used on straight hair that may be overly dry, over processed and lacking moisture, for wavy textures that lack shine, and curly hair that lacks moisture and shine. It is versatile and also used as a pre-shampoo, co-wash and treatment. Fields says, “It's essential for those who may suffer from buildup on their scalp” … ”or coming out of protective styles,” Johnson adds.

Fields says, “Remove the Unwanted to Take in the Much-Needed Care! Scalp Care is the way to Healthy Hair!" The 803 Natural Scalp Scrub preps for and fights harsh temperatures and stress placed on the hair. Ideal for winter, the scalp scrub: provides a deep, gentle exfoliation for the scalp as it naturally gets dry and flaky, natural oil directly to areas that are lacking moisture, a protective layer onto the scalp from the environment, HVAC systems and head coverings, lifts scalp disorders away from the follicle, preventing potential hair loss, and natural meditation and preventing sinus/cold congestion. A gentle exfoliation that can remove debris and build up from the scalp is essential. The 803 Natural Scalp Scrub creates a healthier look and feeling to the scalp, which is also skin. It helps repair and heal unwanted pigmentation and itchiness. With a potential shut down looming, the 803 Natural Scalp Scrub is the gap filler for the woman treating her hair at-home and in-between salon appointments, and also the in-salon professional who has not seen their client in weeks or even months.

Available for purchase on December 1, find more information in 803 Natural Scalp Scrub at

ABOUT LACY FIELDS Master Stylist and Trichologist, Lacy Fields has over 18 years of experience in beauty and hair care. Owner of Therapeutique Salon and Spa, located in Rockville, Maryland. Lacy believes in providing therapeutic services that heals, treats, and protects her customers beauty needs. As an active Trichologist, there is nothing that Lacy hasn't seen when it comes to hair and scalp issues. Her motto is, "You are what you eat! Your scalp and your hair reflect what you're putting on the inside." Not only does she believe her motto, Lacy as believes in proper scalp care before hair care. She believes that taking care of your scalp takes care of your healthy hair that grows from it. Her partnership with 803 Natural enhances her theory with proven results for clients who suffers from scalp disorders, postpartum, alopecia, dermatitis, psoriasis and more. For more information, visit, on all social platforms… @LacyFields_ and @Therapeutiquesalonspa_. ABOUT CORETTA JOHNSON Coretta Johnson is the Owner and Artisan of 803 Natural, a plant-based body products line she launched in 2016. 803 Natural’s body conditioning products is a cohesive line consisting of body butter whips, scrubs, elixirs, body sprays, nail care, and now scalp care. Coretta believes that nature has given us everything we need to have healthy skin, but it’s up to us to use it. With a passion for nature and natural products, Coretta has masterfully crafted an affordable and accessible product line formulated to feed the skin. In addition to running 803 Natural, Ms. Johnson serves as the Head Facilitator for the DC Chapter of Hashtag HappyPeriod. #HappyPeriod is a social movement that provides menstrual hygiene kits to low-income, living in poverty and unsheltered women and teens in the DC area. #Happy Period consists of 32 chapters across the country as well as global partnerships. They also work to change the conversation surrounding periods, helping to erase the stigma people face due to the taboo nature of periods in our society. For more information, visit, and @803natural on Instagram and Facebook.


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