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Crystal Bailey, Experience Curator

Who ever said "bad things happen in Philadelphia" was clearly tripping, and has never experienced the beauty, rawness, culture... and definitely, has not attended a Crystal Bailey event! Crystal Bailey, The Experience Curator, All Things Luxury; and most importantly, Philly Native, has been putting Philly back on the map with her exquisite events that make you gasp in awe. Crystal has hosted some of the most exclusive events; such as the Milano Fashion Show, and The 2021 Mogul Business Awards with special guest Musiq Soulchild. She can make any birthday girl or bride feel like royalty once you step into an event specially curated for you.

When asked, "how does it feel to see an event come together?" Crystal said, “It’s an adrenaline rush in the moment, so I’m usually in a zone and I don’t feel it until days after like, 'wow'.” With Crystal making sure that all things have a luxury feel, there was no exception when she decided to launch her own luxury-eyewear brand “Vew;" “offering women a luxury point of view through lenses.”

Recently Crystal sat with Women For The Culture to talk “All Things CB.” Check out what she had to say about event planning, and the future of “Vew" as the brand officially celebrated their launch April 1.

"All Things CB"

Q. Crystal, where are you from and how did you get your start in the entertainment business?

A. I’m from Philadelphia. I got started in entertainment, because in college, my friends and I used to put on fashion shows. I got to sit on the board of the Black Student Union as VP, and we would put on big concerts and comedy shows. With my degree being in Public Relations, I took those relationships and transferred them outside of the school and started my business.

Q. I read, before you went into the event

-planning business, you were a publicist. What was it about Public Relations that stood out to you and made your pursue a career in that field?

A. Connecting with people. I enjoyed building someone's career and engaging in all of their social highlights. I like fast-paced environments, and it gave me all of those things.

Q. Once you left the PR side of the industry, what made you tackle event planning?

A. Well, with my clients, I still had to put on their events and make sure they showed up to events, etc. I was always good with detail, since a kid, planning mini trips and fashion shows; so I just decided to take it serious. My aunt actually kicked it off by asking me to plan her wedding. I got such good feedback that I keep going.

Q. You have really been putting Philly on the map with these exquisite events that you curate from Milano fashion shows, Black Is Experience at the Mann, Birthday parties, and The 2021 Mogul Business Awards. How do you feel after you see an event come together (most likely) after months of preparations?

A. It’s an adrenaline rush in the moment, so I’m usually in a zone and I don’t feel it until days after like, "wow, I did that big event." Like, little ole me. It’s still a shocker, but I still, 'til this day, always have this numb feeling. After all the calls and things slow down, I process and can sit back and smile.

Q. None of your events look the same; so, where does this creativity come from?

A. I’m an "in the moment" or "3am person," where ideas pop in my head. My brain is always spinning. I have a big thing of not recreating, so I have to always stay on my toes to be creative, find random things that inspire me, and so forth.

Q. April signifies the launch of your luxury eyewear, Vew Luxury Eyewear. What inspired you to start an eyewear brand?

A. What inspired me to start a eyewear line was wearing glasses myself. I never could find bomb, fly eyewear. So, I said a few years ago, I would just create my own. THis has been a process, but we are here!

Q. Your eyewear are statement pieces. Will we see any outerwear pieces or accessories launching?

A. It’s a lifestyle brand, so you will definitely see some other pieces! Don’t wanna spill too many beans; but yes, definitely!

Q. Where can we purchase your glasses, follow you to make a purchase or book you for an event?

A.You can purchase glasses at

You can book me for an event at



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