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India.Arie is Ready to Do the Work

In a brief instagram video, R&B/Soul Artist India.Arie asked how she can best serve us... support us... entertain us. Watch the video in its entirety here:

"Cause... I'm ready!"

Isn't it beautiful to feel supported? For someone to acknowledge your struggle and have prepared themselves to respond to your load of frustrations and needs. Imagine a world full of "I see you sis, and I'm here for you." This is sisterhood. This is action. This is where healing begins. Selfless acts. Thank you, India.Arie!

In an effort to follow through on her commitment, India.Arie distributed a mass text stating,

"ALL MY LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! In response to asking my followers how I can serve ~ To START with I've created a Spotify Playlist called "Healing Songs SoulBirdBalm" !! I wanted YOU to see first. Hit me back using #healingsongs if you feel it!"

To access the Healing Songs SoulBird Balm, visit


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