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Kirk and Tammy Franklin to host new TV One dating series "The One"

If you were married nearly 30 years, chances are you can pretty much eyeball whether a relationship is headed for disaster or if a couple has what it takes to make their commitment last until death do them part. Kirk and Tammy Franklin are two, Black figures in which the culture looks up to and hopes to emulate in terms of long-lasting, supporting love. Who better fitting than the Franklin's to lead TV One's dating competition series airing May 18?

"The One," produced by Critical Content, follows two Atlanta singles who have thus far struggled to find their love of a lifetime. In a press release from TV One, the network says "Now, with a little guidance from gospel legend Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy, Brent and Ashley will embark on a journey filled with sexy suitors and outrageous activities as they seek to find love." TV One continues, "Throughout the series, Ashley and Brent will meet two new potential matches each week. Sparks will fly as our daters get to know one another while partaking in some risqué game nights yet soulful sessions with Kirk and Tammy at the helm." The singles choose which dates are worthy enough to continue to pursue and offered a chance "to join them at The One Mansion."

It is soulmate finding season at TV One. "The One" is one of the newly added programs to the network's "Date Night Thursdays," which jumped off with LisaRaye McCoy's "Asking for a Friend" in February 2023.

Check out the show trailer and just how well Kirk knows his co-host wife as we gear up for the upcoming premiere episode.


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