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Selfish self-care, for you.

Never feel erroneous about being selfish with your time, space, energy, or self.


As it stands right now, nobody is certain how much time they are allowed in this planet,

so why waste it doing things or catering to people that do not serve you?


The space you create for yourself internally and externally should allow you to navigate as comfortably as possible throughout this puzzle known as life. Why would you want to exist in a space that is not safe for you?


Hearing any type of Jorja Smith puts me in the self-care mood. Who is that person for you?


The energy you exert should be light filled and the energy you choose to be around should mirror such light. Why waste this life surrounded by the drainers of light who know not how to replenish, but only how to take?


The self you create in this life should be genuine and as free from anything that makes you unhappy as possible. Without your inner self, who are you?


Indulging in actions and thoughts that will infuse joy into your life is what brings about peace.

I often remind myself that life will always be scattered in some way, shape or form

because as we know, chaos will always insert itself.

However, the key is to never neglect yourself.


Nobody else will ever hold as much space for you as you will for yourself.

So yes, be selfish.

Exercise selfish self-care.



Daily Affirmation: “Live how felt fit.” – Ada X. Marshall Morrison (#geminijems)

Written by Ada X. Marshall-Morrison


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