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Simone Sobers' Three Tips for the Woman who Hates to Workout

Want to get that Stomach on Flat, Flat (duh, we all do), but hate working out?

Creating The Boss Chick Dance Workout was just as important for Simone as it was an experience for her to take. Sharing with women of color was one of her initial inspirations for creating the brand. Simone says, "both the lack of representation on a high level of women of color and fitness and on a mainstream level motivated me personally to contribute in someway to the fitness industry as a woman of color. Mainstream fitness is very white and/or very male. Subconsciously this could be a deterrent for women of color to be active. So, I wanted to create something fun that we could easily relate to musically and physically that would inspire women of color to get active and to stay active and make this a part of their lifestyle."

Women of color, in particular, have a high-and-rising rate of obesity and heart issues, which Simone believes "could be helped by an improvement in our fitness and being better educated on fitness and healthy eating."

On a pop-culture level, Simone continues, "it’s important for us to share our culture in an authentic way with the world in a way that is both inviting, fun, and educational."

Here are three suggestions from The Boss Chick to do just that:

Step one: find a “why” that will motivate you to make it part of your lifestyle.

Step two: find something you enjoy doing and do it at a time and place you can commit to long term.

Step three: find someone you enjoy spending time with and make them your accountability partner or workout buddy.


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