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Sprayground brings Culture to the Forefront of Fashion

Most known for their backpacks throughout pop culture, Sprayground considers its products the "number one backpack in streetwear." Sprayground stands by their commitment to produce "custom designs in limited quantities;" and timeliness is an obvious factor in that production.

This month, Sprayground announced a collaboration with Brooklyn-born, Interscope Records Singer/Songwriter Sandflower Dyson on an African-Inspired Collection. As Creative Director/Artist under the lifestyle brand, Sandflower developed the twenty-seven piece AI (African Intelligence) collection, which she says is "a project inspired by the royalty, pride, love, and power of the birthplace of nature and humanity itself."

For sprayground, this collaboration is the first of its type; as Sandflower is the first creative director to design a collection, to date. Most specifically, Sandflower is the first creator of a collection, other than the company founder David Ben David.

Cultural sensitivity is at an all-time high. Amidst racial controversy from top luxury brands, the collaboration solidifies Sprayground's commitment to diversity and inclusion. It is evident that our differences, ancestors, lineage and traditions should be celebrated. Sandflower says, "African Intelligence is the past, present, future, and now."

Inspired by the "royalty, pride, love, and power of the birthplace of nature and humanity itself," Sandflower's vision was to "create a visual moment in time that is like nothing else you have seen before."

The AI Collection "draws on the elements of earth, fire, air, water and spirit/soul from the many different countries and cultures of the continent;" one of which, being Lagos, Nigeria. As a conscious brand, Sprayground's corporate social responsibility is exercised through its donation of a portion of the proceeds from this collection towards global humanitarian aid & empowerment, and conservation & sustainability programs for countries such as Nigeria.

Sprayground Communication's Director, Marie Driven says, "Collaborations like these are needed because we get to highlight different countries and cities. Highlighting Culture to the youth is important. Sprayground plays a big influence in the backpack world. Every design has a meaning and our core market supports the trend. Every country we visit we implement the culture in our creative space."

Collaborations such as these are neccessary in the fight for inclusion. As the power of the Black Dollar in particular is becoming more evident, brands such as Sprayground actively displaying consciousness is not only admirable, but groundbreaking.

For more information on the AI Collection, visit and shop!


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