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As Women Rise, They Collaborate!

Women are on the rise, now, more than ever before. While the pandemic closed many business chains worldwide, we saw a rise of small business owners and creatives; women in particular. It's safe to say that after the Women's Empowerment Wave, followed by the Self-Love wave; women are not only feeling more powerful, but like minded.

All-Natural, ButterUp Skin & Hair Products Owner, Candice Johnson understands the "Strength in Numbers" concept, but also the intrinsic need for such partnerships to fulfill the daily woes of real women. She states, "I have always admired the FlightsinStilettos philosophy of empowering women by allowing them to see themselves in the everyday products we use. When I saw that the microfiber makeup remover face cloth was launching, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with a brand that shares the ButterUp vision to promote natural beauty." With fervor, she created and launched her first collaboration and latest collection: ButterUp Holiday Skincare Bundle.

Available for a limited time (December 31), or while supplied last; the ButterUp Holiday Skincare Bundle is priced at $45 USD and sold exclusively online, at GetButterUp.Net.

The ButterUp Holiday Skincare Bundle includes a Facial Cleansing Oil (customized for your skin type), Facial Cleanser, Rose Water, FlightsInStilettos Beauty Deluxe Microfiber Makeup Remover Face Cloth, and choice of the new, ButterUp Beard Oil or Facial Moisturizing Oil.

ButterUp’s philosophy has always been to create clean, simple and natural products to promote healthy, glowing skin. Johnson says, "This collection offers a complete line of skincare products that can be used as a total skincare regimen." She continues, "The microfiber towel included is gentle on the skin but very effective at removing makeup and dirt without stripping the skin of natural oils."

Specializing in Whipped Body Butters, Facial Cleansing Oils, Natural Hair Butters, Artisan Soaps and Bath Salts is Johnson's specialty. To her, Small Businesses, are "the heartbeat of this country."

It is, "in today's world," that the meaning of Small Business hits and looks a little different. She says, "Small Business represent someone’s dream, and that doesn’t always mean a huge profit. It’s most often a manifestation of someone’s gifts and talents, and because of that you’ll get more personalized service and innovative ideas that you won’t see in a big-box store."

When shopping this holiday season, it seems customers are shopping with intent; cognizant of the power of their dollar and spending power, support for Small Businesses, Black-Owned in particular, continues to soar. She says, "America is in a state of increased racial awareness. Black people have historically been cut off from opportunities to start and grow businesses, and this awakening from the recent protests and violent acts against black people have created a change in consumer spending habits with Black Business. Issues that Black People have always experienced are now in the forefront of the media, and I think that has sparked support from both the Black Community and others who were not necessarily aware of the biases." While many hope the "trend" is here to stay, business owners like Johnson are confident Black Business will continue to grow, saying "Social media has become a powerful tool in highlighting some pretty awesome Black-Owned Business, and I think this trend will continue and even increase support in the months and years to come."

For more information on ButterUp and the ButterUp Holiday Skincare Bundle, visit!


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